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How does it work?

We've streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate affiliate tracking, our platform is fully integrated and records every click + sale.

Generate revenue in just 5 steps:

  • A visitor clicks on a link or banner on your website or social media platform.
  • We promptly begin tracking the user and their journey, attributing the customer to you for a duration of 60 days.
  • Next, the customer completes their purchase on one of our websites, uploads their prescription, and submits payment.
  • Once the prescription is processed and shipped, your account is credited and the commission is marked as approved.
  • If the total commission exceeds your minimum payout threshold, you will be paid according to our current terms and conditions.
  • Earn up to 10% per sale.

    Earn money for the traffic you already have - target pharmacy customers and start earning.

    Our system tracks referrals and pays top commissions for every client you send our way.

    High Conversion Rates

    Our websites and offerings boast some of the top conversion rates within the industry. We not only produce exceptional conversion rates, but also establish novel benchmarks for the online pharmaceutical sector. With our high-performing website and outstanding customer support, there's an increased likelihood that your traffic will lead to a sale. Please note that customers must provide a valid prescription during the purchasing process.

    Long cookie duration

    If a customer comes from your site to ours, and then comes back to purchase in 60 days, you get credit.

    We offer over 1000+ products in
    these popular categories:

    Perscription Drugs
    Non-Perscription Drugs
    Medical Supplies
    Medical Equipment
    Cold Products
    Allergies & Sinus
    Eye & Foot Care
    Smoking Cessation
    Generic Drugs
    HIV Drugs
    Herpes Drugs
    Diabeties Drugs
    Acne Medication
    Asthma Medications
    Erectile Dysfunction

    Start making money now!

    There is no charge to join our Affiliate Program.
    We pay commissions for all successful appointments you referred.
    Earn up to 10% on every successful appointment scheduled through your link.

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